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Monday, December 02, 2002

Japanese Unemployment Continues to Rise

Japan's industrial production fell last month and families cut their spending after unemployment rose to a record high, adding strength to the growing view that Japan's economic recovery may be running out of steam. Of course much of the future for unemployment now depends on what really happens in the wake of the NPL debate.

Production unexpectedly fell 0.3 per cent in October from the previous month, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Meti) said on Friday. With the second second consecutive monthly decline, Meti changed its outlook for the index from a "gradual upward trend" to "flat". The data suggested that industrial production, which has been driven by exports, and the economic recovery , probably peaked between July and September, boding ill for Japan's already high unemployment rate.

Unemployment in September revisited Japan's post-war high of 5.5 per cent, matching a record high set last December, according to government data on Friday. Although the ratio of job offers to applicants rose slightly to 0.56 - meaning there were 56 offers for every 100 jobseekers - the data showed the labour market remains weak. "With the expected faster disposal of NPLs, corporate bankruptcy and involuntary job losses will likely increase," said Takehiro Sato, economist at Morgan Stanley. "Our calculation suggests a �29,100bn increase in final NPL disposal would lead to 700,000 more job losses and a 6.5 per cent unemployment rate."
Source: Financial Times