Japan Real Time Charts and Data

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Bank of Japan's decision and the underlying data

The BoJ decided not to change the overnight rate, which was not a surprise. However data that was released in the same time frame is concerning. GDP data was released which showed that annualized Q1 GDP growth of 2.4%, was a sharp sequential decline from a revised 5.0% (previously 5.5%). SeekingAlpha quotes a Tokyo analyst to the effect that "the BoJ will hold at 0.5% over the next three to six months, since there is no hurry to hike while consumer prices are still falling"...continued deflation in consumer prices is a concern.

Having a significantly lower GDP number on top of a downward revision of the previous quarter's figure is not good. Recalibration of expectations for the next year for Japan's economy would be wise, I think.