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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Talking Japan

I am sure most of our readers are already familiar with the other big Japan watching site out there run by Ken Worsley and its timely analysis of the economic and political situation in Japan. Now Ken, alongside co-host Albrecht Stahmer, has also decided (the podcast has been running since March 2007 actually) to bring the Japan economic/business news and commentary to the podcasting media over at Transpacificradio.com under the seal of Bizcast Japan. Over the course of 2007 ten editions have been published and in their latest bumper installment Ken and Albrecht look forward to the issues within the realm of Japanese economics, business and society which are likely to rear their heads in 2008. Here is their written intro ...

It’s the end of the year, and nothing could sum up Japan’s biggest business stories of 2007 better than sorting them into a top ten list - except for sorting them into a top seven list and discussing them here on BizCast.

Along with a few honorable mentions, co-hosts Albrecht Stahmer and Ken Worsley discuss Krispy Kreme, Nintendo’s domination of the video game market, Burger King, Fast Retailing’s failed bid for Barney’s, the collapse in housing starts, WiMax, Toyota outselling General Motors in the first quarter of 2007, Japan’s demographic crunch, bad fiscal policy, Nova’s bankruptcy, corporate governance, scandals in the food industry, Steel Partners, J-SOX, the widening gap between income in urban and rural Japan, the Mega Mac, Triangular Mergers, the increase in land prices, Sony’s new war chest, and Scott Callon’s shareholder revolt.

Which made the top 7 of ‘07? You’ll have to listen to find out. This special double release clocks in just under 70 minutes.

Alby and Ken would like to express many thanks to everyone who has listened to the first ten episodes of BizCast Japan this year. We’ll be back again in January, and we’re sure the business news will stay just as exciting to follow, analyze and discuss.

The podcast(s) is (are) well worth a listen and I encourage our readers to tug this one firmly into their RSS readers for further reference as we move forward in 2008, I know that I will.