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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bernanke Choppers make an appearance...in Japan

The facetious title of this piece refers of course to US Federal Reserve chairman Benjamin Bernanke's well known reference to dropping bundles of cash from helicopters as a last resort to fight deflation.

Edward Hugh noted in the previous post here that "The government...have begun distributing 12,000 yen ($125) to each resident in March to encourage spending." I've found a few reactions to this monetary action by the Japanese authorities:

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Such a measly sum(per individual) seems to me to be merely a token gesture. Of course, this seems to be what Bernanke in the US has been threatening for a while; to simply print cash and hand it out to the citizenry. The Japanese action is certainly not of the scale one might imagine when thinking of the Bernanke scenario. For that reason, it seems likely to be a non-event as far as the soundness of the yen as a currency is concerned.

But given the length of time that Japan's monetary authorities have been using all the tools at their disposal to bring the country out of near deflation/outright deflation, one has to wonder whether the yen will be unmasked as having been debased to an extreme degree.